Thanks to all who were a part of Colonial Week 2017! We had a great time and many of our participants had experiences that made memories for a lifetime. A bug thanks to all of our volunteers, coaches and staff who made it all happen! Send us your picks and we’ll add them to our albums below.

Check out these stories from our Junior Course Reporters Bailey and Gavin about what they experienced during the week.

Caddie Day Adventures by Bailey O’Donnell

The Ben Hogan Foundation Mentor Scholarship and Calista Lothliam – A Perfect Match by gavin hogan

A GamEDAY Experience by bailey o’donnell

Coach rivalry by bailey o’donnell

Volunteering is vital by gavin hogan

great volunteers by bailey o’donnell

junior course reporter program – an inside view by bailey o’donnell 

the epic finish by gavin hogan


2017 Junior Course Reporter Pics

Sunday May 21st

Congratulations to all of our participants who competed in the 2nd Annual Colonial Junior Invitational. 24 participants divided up into teams of 2 and competed in a Modified Stableford Points System tournament on holes 3, 4, and 5, known as the “Horrible Horseshoe”.

2017 Colonial Junior Invitational

 caddie day

2017 Caddie Day