Registration for the winter season is closed. Registration for spring will open on February 15th at 9:00 am.

Life Skills Classes

Life Skills classes are offered year-round in the winter, spring, summer and fall at facilities across our region. Participants who are new to the program should enroll in PLAYer classes. New participants 12 and older should look to sign up with the 12 and older/Par classes on the schedule. A brief but mandatory orientation session will be conducted for new parents on the first day of Life skills classes. All students advancing from one level to another must meet certification requirements:

• Junior Links- this non-certifying level is for participants ages 5 & 6 years old only.
• PLAYer – entry level for participants who are between 7 and 11 years old. Must have 24 hours to certify to Par level.
• PLAYer 12 and Older – entry level class and will join with a Par class and may complete Player level after 1 session.
• PLAYer High School – join Player 12+ and Par class and are able to certify out of both Player and Par after 1 session
• Par – participants who have certified out of PLAYer level. Must have 36 hours at Par level to certify to Birdie level.
• Birdie – participants who have certified out of Par level. Must have 48 hours at Birdie level to certify to Eagle level.
• Eagle – participants who have certified out of Birdie level. Must have 60 hours at Eagle level to certify to ACE level.
• ACE – students in high school who have completed Eagle certification.

Every participant in the program is eligible to receive a free set of starter clubs. Clubs to new participants will be issued within the first 2 weeks of class. Clubs are used junior clubs or adult clubs that are cut down to match a player’s height. New junior clubs may be purchased at a discounted price of $85.00. Click here for ordering information.

Each enrollment will be reviewed to make sure that the correct class has been selected. Our staff will contact you if you have enrolled incorrectly and will assist you in changing to the appropriate class. A separate enrollment must be completed for each participant.

Maximum class size is 16-20 for each session in most cases. Enrollment is always on a first-come first serve basis and is subject to availability so please register early. Participants are considered to meet the age requirements outlined in the course description if they turn the minimum age sometime during the current season.

If for any reason you request to move your child to another class, space must be available in the class to which you would like to transfer. If this is not possible and we are unable to accommodate your enrollment we can issue a refund as long as class has not already started. If class has started or if requested we will issue a credit for future enrollments.


Fees for classes are $65 for Player, Par, Birdie, Eagle, $25 for ACE and $35 for Junior Links. $130 maximum per family for each Life Skills Session. Financial assistance is available and no child is turned away for financial reasons. ALL PARTICIPANTS ARE ONLY ALLOWED TO SIGN UP FOR 1 LIFE SKILLS CLASS AT A TIME.

If you are requesting Financial Assistance, using Military Vouchers or the Family Maximum benefit, please review the payment section below. Once you get to the registration page, click on “Enter Promotional Code” in the upper left corner before you choose your class.

Click HERE for Financial Assistance Info


No participant will be turned away for financial reasons – please access the financial assistance application above. Enter the promotional code AID first before choosing the class at the time of registration. Your financial aid form must be submitted 48 hours before the start of classes or your spot will be given away.


Active duty military who do not live on base or active reservists are eligible for the Military Appreciation Program. Proof of active military status is required before the first day of class. Enter the promotional code MILITARY first before choosing the class at the time of registration.


There is a $130 maximum per family charge for life skills programming only. Please sign up the first two participants normally and pay the full amount of registration ($130). Then start a new registration and use the promotional code FAMILY before registering your additional participants at no cost.