The Winter Certification will be March 9th and 11th from 10:00am-1:30pm, please come to your regular scheduled Winter class location and time.

This certification is open to all participants who haven’t taken the certification for their level for Player 2 and above. There is no certification for Player 1.

Please check to make sure you have completed all the pre-certification requirements including the hours, all activities in your Yardage book and have all the required Play Dates before you come take your test.

You can find the Certification Requirements by visiting our website at and clicking on the Certification Requirements icon at the bottom of the home page.

Orientation Information 2016-2017

Check out all the information on The First Tee of Fort Worth you need to know and more by clicking 2017 PROGRAM ORIENTATION. This handy guide will serve as an FAQ and will probably answer most of the questions you have about the program.

Certification Requirements – 2015-2016

Please access the links below for exact requirements for each level. Note – Beginning in 2015, participants must meet a minimum number of hours of programming in each level prior to completing certification. Player – 24 hours, Par – 36 hours, Birdie – 48 hours, Eagle – 60 hours.

2017 Player Certification Requirements

2017 Par Certification Requirements

2017 Birdie Certification Requirements

2017 Eagle Certification Requirements

For any classes taken prior to 2015, participants will receive 15 hours of credit per class taken at their current level. For example, a participant who has completed 1 season of Player 1 and 1 season of Player 2, will have completed 30 hours at the Player level and would be eligible to certify.

Effective January 1, 2015, participants will receive credit only for the classes they attended. For example, in an 8 week class at the Player level, perfect attendance would be 12 hours. (8 x 1.5 hours) If a participant is absent two times they would only accrue 9 hours. You may make up a class that you miss if it is in the same week of your scheduled class.

PLEASE CONTACT US AT 817-420-9370 OR BY E-MAIL AT for more information or additional questions.