With the help of our corporate partners, we host a series of events for our more advanced participants, allowing them to meet new people, play some golf, achieve greatness, and show off our nine core values in action. Learn general information about these opportunities below, and check out our Event Calendar for full details.


The First Tee Alumni Summit is a professional development opportunity where you can advance your career-building skills while reconnecting with fellow alumni and chapter leaders across The First Tee Network

Throughout the event, you will hear from industry leaders on topics such as public speaking, business communication, financial literacy, professional branding, and self-care. You will also have the opportunity to serve as a mentor to current participants of The First Tee attending the Outstanding Participant & Leadership Summit.


The First Tee Outstanding Participant Leadership Summit is an interactive and educational event in which teen participants have the opportunity to develop and hone skills to become leaders in their chapters, schools and communities. The teens attend educational workshops that covered a variety of topics including the importance of community service and volunteerism, financial literacy, social media. During the workshops, participants develop plans for leading a meaningful service project in the community as a way to apply the skills and concepts learned at the four-day summit.