The Curriculum Grids were created to enhance our programming through more consistency and increased knowledge of The First Tee coaching philosophy and the associated building blocks. Feel free to explore the grids and discover how we actually deliver our life skills experience and outreach program. In the grids, you will find links to videos of the activities, diagrams to the activities, and a link to our lesson plan data base containing all of the lesson plans in use at all of our locations.

New USGA Rules for 2019: The First Tee home office has a team that is currently working on the new rules implemented for 2019 and how to incorporate them into the curriculum. There are 31 significant new rule changes. Many of these changes affect the First Tee golf knowledge curriculum. The curriculum grids will be updated with these changes as time permits. Not only are there many rule changes, but the format and numbering system have also been changed. It is ultimately the responsibility of the coaches to become familiar with the new formatting and the new rules themselves. You can find a link to the new USGA Rules for 2019 here. USGA Rules

The USGA has published a detailed explanation of all of the major changes for 2019. You can find a link to it here. Major Changes for 2019.

The First Tee Golf Knowledge curriculum is also being interpreted and developed according to the new USGA Rules of Golf by the Fort Worth chapter’s staff. The following links will take you to the newly developed golf knowledge curriculum for each of the life skill levels.  PLAYer, Par, Birdie, Eagle.

Safety Rules and Safety Protocol:

Players are instructed to never take a practice swing unless they are in a hitting area and it is their turn to swing. Players are instructed to always stand in safety zones when waiting for their turn to play. When playing on the course, players are instructed to always stand behind and to the right of the teeing area and another player or group of players.


Fall Master Schedule

2019 Fall Oct 26-Nov 1 Coach Schedule

2019 Fall Oct 19-25 Coach Schedule

Curriculum Grid Generic 2019 PDF

Curriculum Grid Generic 2019

Summer Camp Curriculum 2019 PDF

Adult Curriculum 2019 Google Sheets

Adult Curriculum 2019 PDF

Outreach Curriculum Grid (PDF)

Outreach Curriculum Grid (Google Sheets)

Coach Training Slides 2018 (PDF)

Child Protective Course (PDF)