General Information

2019 Orientation Information

Certification Requirements:

• Junior Links- this non-certifying level is for participants ages 5 & 6 years old only.
• PLAYer – entry level for participants who are between 7 and 11 years old. Must have 24 hours to certify to Par level.
• PLAYer 12 and Older – entry level class and will join with a Par class and may complete Player level after 1 session.
• PLAYer High School – join Player 12+ and Par class and are able to certify out of both Player and Par after 1 session
• Par – participants who have certified out of PLAYer level. Must have 36 hours at Par level to certify to Birdie level.
• Birdie – participants who have certified out of Par level. Must have 48 hours at Birdie level to certify to Eagle level.
• Eagle – participants who have certified out of Birdie level. Must have 60 hours at Eagle level to certify to ACE level.
• ACE – students in high school who have completed Eagle certification.

Car Talk

Car Talk is a great tool for parents and other adults to interact with the participants and to review the life skills and golf skills that they learned in class. Car Talk is a quick overview of what participants learned during a lesson and guiding questions to help reinforce the life skills, golf skills, and core values off of the golf course and/or away from the First Tee. Parents can ask questions in the car ride home, at the table, or at other appropriate moments.

We know that young people don’t automatically transfer what they have learned at the First Tee to other areas of their lives. Although each class at the First Tee ends with a “bridge to life” wrap up, this is not enough by itself to ensure behavior change takes place away from the First Tee. By providing a tool for parents to engage their children in Car Talk, we can further increase the probability that participants will be able to apply the life skills and core values at home and in other areas of their lives.

The Car Talk topics for each week of the session will be posted on this page for the upcoming week. In addition, please feel free to review any past week’s Car Talk topics.

Player Car Talk Topics

Par  Car Talk Topics

Birdie Car Talk Topics

Eagle Car Talk Topics